* Vanessa vs Khloe - How to Be a Real Laker Wife

Vanessa vs Khloe - How to Be a Real Laker Wife

Vanessa Bryant, the Mrs. of Kobe, is the queen Laker wife of all time. Not just because she's married to a 5 time champ who some say is the greatest Laker ever, but because she's on a warpath of dominance and shows mercy to none.
Vanessa met Kobe when she was 17. Shortly thereafter, they were married. Kobe's parents were so displeased with his choice that they didn't speak to him for 2 years. He stayed loyal to his wife and the marriage survived. When Kobe strayed with the hamburger girl in Colorado, Vanessa turned her pain into a $4,000,000 ring from him. At his press conference acknowledging adultery, he told his wife, "You're the strongest person I know." Believe it. Who else has broken Kobe down so forcefully?
In May of this year, the Bryants agreed to pay their former maid $200,000 after settling a law suit claiming that Vanessa verbally abused the maid and withheld her wages. The suit also claims that Vanessa forced the maid to pick through garbage filled with dog feces to find a receipt for a blouse that was improperly washed. She then docked the amount shown on the soiled receipt from the maid's pay.
Now Vanessa is after Lamar Odom's wife Khloe Kardashian. She allegedly considers Kardashian to be a "fake wife" unworthy of of true Laker Wife status. Khloe only met Lamar last summer and they married within weeks. In that short span, it's unlikely she had time for her Laker Wife orientation.
Real Laker Wives like Vanessa show up to games with their pretty daughters dolled up like Mini-Wives. Or they're like Derek Fisher's wife Candace, helping their brave little girls battle tough diseases. Or they're like Ron Artest's wife Kimsha raising the roost in private while he rhymes, balls & goes to therapy. Khloe doesn't even have kids.
A real Laker wife would never have a better looking sister dating more talented athletes than their own Laker hubby. She also wouldn't be on a reality show like Doug Christie's wife was. And most important, a real Laker Wife wouldn't dare look better than Vanessa in a bikini.
At a time when there should be only happiness in Lakerland, Kobe might have off-court drama to solve. He may be getting pressured by Vanessa to have Odom banished from LA like how he got rid of Shaq. It could be worse. At least his mom isn't doing Delonte.